Comprehensible California

A Comprehensible-Input Journey!

Second Annual Comprehensible California Conference


WT Eich Middle School
1509 Sierra Gardens Dr
Roseville, CA 95661


Saturday, September 14, 2019
8:30am – 4pm (1 hour for lunch–lunch on your own)
Registrations starts at 8:15am



Comprehensible California is a local, California conference put on by teachers for teachers to introduce or enhance comprehensible input techniques and approaches to your classroom.

It is a one-day conference on Saturday, September 14 and will be held at WT Eich Middle School in Roseville, CA (about 20 minutes north of Sacramento). The conference will run from 8:30a until 4p with a one-hour lunch period. Lunch is on your own and there are a lot of local eateries to choose from.

Earlybird registration is through July 31, 2019, and is $85 per person.
Regular registration is from August 1 through August 31, 2019, and is $99 per person.
Late registration is from September 1 through September 13, 2019, and is $125 per person.
Onsite registration is available on September 14, 2019 for $135 per person.

In addition, we will be offering a few Friday Pre-Conference options at an additional cost. Please see below for more information.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: James Wooldridge aka Sr. Wooly!

Additional Presenters:

  • Scott Benedict
  • Laurie Clarcq
  • Bryce Hedstrom
  • Marcela Kerns
  • Clarice Swaney
  • Karen Rowan

We will be adding the names of presenters and presentations as they are confirmed for the conference.


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As presenters are added, they’ll be posted here.


Jim Wooldridge, a Spanish teacher in Evanston, IL (near Chicago) for nine years, used to struggle to find high-quality educational materials for his middle school students. Most existing materials treated students as though they were in kindergarten, or took the opposite approach and treated them like humorless adults.

While Wooldridge’s students were beginners, they weren’t babies, and didn’t want simplistic, babyish stuff. They were drawn in, like tweens and teens are, to funny, creative, and absurd stories with unexpected twists. So, Wooldridge decided to make those kinds of stories himself.

In 2005, Wooldridge began writing his own music for his students. Although he had not even considered seeking a wider audience, it wasn’t long before other teachers found his first website,

He renamed the site Señor Wooly in 2009, when he released the music videos Billy la Bufanda and ¿Puedo ir al baño? Both were hits. Since then, he has created numerous well-known musical stories, such as Guapo, Las Excusas, and Sé Chévere, among many others.

Although he is not currently teaching, Wooldridge keeps close ties with the local Spanish educational community, frequently casting Spanish students and teachers to perform in his productions.

Jim Wooldridge lives in Skokie, IL with his wife and two children.

Scott Benedict

Scott Benedict

Marcela Kerns

Marcela Kerns

Kelly Ferguson

Kelly Ferguson

Laurie Clarcq

Laurie Clarcq

Karen Rowan

Karen Rowan

John Piazza

John Piazza

Bryce Hedstrom

Bryce Hedstrom

Clarice Swaney

Clarice Swaney


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As presentions are confirmed, they will be listed here.

Friday Pre-Conference Options

We’re offering a variety of pre-conference options on Friday, September 13th. 

Administrator Option $70

9:30a-12:00p with Bryce Hedstrom and Marc Buljan
12:00p-1:00p (Working Lunch)
1:00p-2:30p with Laurie Clarcq and Marc Buljan

Across the country, teachers are implementing a Comprehensible Input-based approach in their classrooms in order to help all students develop proficiency in a new language. This workshop is a unique opportunity to explore the effectiveness of teaching with Comprehensible Input and how it can positively impact a World Language program. Participants will have to the opportunity to be students as well as to investigate a variety of topics with national trainers and administrators familiar with Comprehensible Input-based programs.

Morning Options $39

9:30a-12:00p (choose one)

Beginning Basics with Laurie Clarcq
This highly interactive workshop is designed for teachers who desire a foundation in Comprehensible Input-based Instruction. The goal is for
participants to understand how acquisition theory becomes reality in the classroom! We will examine how to develop skills, set norms, keep
language comprehensible and activities compelling. All of the secrets you need to know to get started and stay strong throughout the year. Come join us for a fun and powerful three-hour experience.

Picture Talk Your Way to Movie Talk with Clarice Swaney
Picture Talk your Way to Movie Talk is an innovative approach that can be used at every level to bring comprehensible input (99-90 % comprehended input to your classroom by using images, video clips and films to connect to the lives and interests of your students. In this half day session, you will experience interactive lessons that demonstrate scaffolded, differentiated questioning techniques with compelling input that will hold student interest by using images, video clips, and film. Participants will practice demonstrated skills, discover and develop your own resources in order to create lessons tailored to your students and curriculum.

Murder 101: How to engage your students in a murder mystery. with Scott Benedict
Is the ordinary getting boring for your students? Do your students like mayhem and intrigue? Do you enjoy a good murder mystery? Then this session is for you! I will teach you how you can create your own murder mystery in your classroom and engage your students like never before.

Afternoon Options $39

1:00p – 4:00p (choose one)

Classroom Management with Care and Respect with Bryce Hedstrom
Learn or be refreshed on the best practices that will build a sustainable culture of respect, kindness and equity in your classroom… and do it without burning out, including:

  • How to infuse lessons with culture naturally
  • The surprising effectiveness of call-and-response prompts… and how to use them in multiple ways
  • Why you need to start assigning classroom jobs
  • How to read and send body language signals to encourage subconscious engagement and acceptance.
  • How rejoinders build fluency, camaraderie and buy-in… how to teach them and keep kids using them.
  • How to do questioning differently including tiered questioning for on-the-spot differentiation

Beyond the Play Button Jim Wooldridge
Although music and videos are essential vehicles for providing language input, it can be challenging to figure out how to properly implement them in the classroom. We all know how to click play, but isn’t there more? In this session, Jim Wooldridge, a.k.a. Sr. Wooly, will demonstrate a variety of practical activities that will give you the confidence to use music and videos in the classroom (and with none of the guilt!). Plus, he will model how to win the class over so you have more class singalongs and fewer class eye-rolls.

Setting up for Success: classroom layout, posters, and grade book with Scott Benedict
Setting your students up for success is more than lesson plans and expertise. Learn how your classroom layout, what’s on your walls, and setting up your grade book can spell success for all your students. They’re more important than you think!!

Reader’s Theater: From Reluctant Reader to Pleasure Reader with Karen Rowan
Reading has to be 98-100% comprehensible for language to be acquired. 98%! When your students read, do they automatically create visual images in their minds or are they decoding and translating word-by-word? Bringing reading to life for all students through Readers Theater and strategic, effective use of movie clips builds visual images that bring reading to 98-100% comprehensible, increasing the chances that our students will become lifetime pleasure readers. This session contains instructions and a demo so that you can begin using Reader’s Theater in your classroom immediately with whole class novels or as a “sales presentation” to make readers in your classroom library fly off the shelves during FVR. (Bringing possible readers in any language, for any level is encouraged.)

Saturday Schedule

Schedule to be announced.


Frequently-asked questions.


Saturday Conference:
Earlybird Registration $85 per person (June 1-July 31, 2019)
Regular Registration $99 per person (August 1-August 31, 2019)
Late Registration $125 per person (September 1-13, 2019)
Onsite Registration $135 per person (September 14)

Friday Pre-Conference:
Administrators Option (all day) $70
Morning Option (1/2 day) $39
Afternoon Option (1/2 day) $39


WT Eich Middle School
1509 Sierra Gardens Dr
Roseville, CA 95661

Is lunch provided?

You will have 1 hour to lunch on your own at one of the nearby restaurants.

Here’s a list of local restaurants.

Comprehensible California Restaurants

Nearby hotels?

There are a few nearby hotels within 2 miles of the school:
Holiday Inn Express
Courtyard by Marriott
Fairfield Inn
Hampton Inn
Best Western Plus Orchid Hotel & Suites

Closest airport?

Sacramento International Airport (SMF) is the closest airport and is approximately 25 miles from Roseville.

Looking for a roommate or carpool buddy?

Connect on our Facebook page with other participants if you’re looking for a roommate or carpool buddy.

Comprehensible California Conference Page

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Comprehensible California is happy to accept purchase orders as follows:

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  3. Payments can be made via credit card or check.
    Please make all checks payable to:
    Scott Benedict c/o teachforjune Workshops
    607 Oak Ridge Dr
    Roseville, CA 95661

    Checks made payable ONLY to teachforjune Workshops cannot be cashed.
    All payments must be received PRIOR to Conference and no later than Friday, September 13.

  4. If you have any questions, please email scott [at] comprehensiblecalifornia [dot] com.

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